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We are handmade greeting cards and gifts designers from Sri Lanka. We design greeting Cards in a technique known as paper quilling  and papercrafts.

We create handmade greeting cards and gifts, for every occasion, of unmatched quality, originality, and uniqueness. Our greeting cards and gifts are Luxury rather than each and every gift.

Greetings are the most valuable and the best things to share our feelings and protect all the bonds of us. Everyone tries to surprise their loved ones on their special moments. We like too. We tried to design a Handmade Greeting Card as a luxury gift type card for you.

These Handmade greeting cards 100% handmade. First, like to say these all designs are our own designs. This is like greeting island.

Always try to create unique, high-quality cards with the best color matching as the customer’s wishes. We have Many many fans in Sri Lanka and Around the world. Really happy to be Handcrafters, Paper Crafters, Handmade cards designer. We can make others happy in their special moments. It is our expectation.

We assure you that these cards will be made by our own and they are awesome. You are able to make your family or your friends very happy by giving them these handmade cards and gifts the choice is all yours. We are providing the latest designs to our lovely customers. We have our own unique ideas. Amazing Greeting box cards, Explosion boxes, Scrapbooks and other greeting handcrafts from Lakmi Handcrafts. Join us for get an awesome expertise.

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